Push Notifications

Push notifications have emerged as the leading form of communicating important information. The Weather Channel sends important alerts on weather conditions. CNN pushes out breaking national and international news. Even local TV stations and other news sources have apps to share news and send push alerts. Don’t keep your citizens in the dark. Give them an app that will provide the sources they need to stay informed.

Push Notifications Feature
Fire Safety Checklist

Fire Safety Checklist

Ensure your citizens are always prepared for any moment by providing a fire safety checklist they can follow along. Make sure they are informed of what precautions they need to take in the event of an emergency, as well as the supplies they should have on hand.

Station Locations

Apps are the new maps. Why shouldn’t your department be on it? When users go to your app, they can open a map to see the nearest fire station to them and navigate there from their current location.

Station Locations Feature
Post Fire Checklist Feature

Post Fire Checklist

In the aftermath of a fire, your citizens need a helping hand to know which steps they should take next. Having a post-fire checklist does that for them. It will also ensure they don’t miss something important they need to take care of. Emergencies happen, being there for your citizens helps.

*Other Available Features:

  • Community Event Request
  • News/Events Digest
  • 911/Call
  • Chief's Welcome
  • Smoke Alarm Request
  • Burn Permit
  • Contacts
  • Social Media
  • Photo Gallery/Tour
  • Commend a Firefighter
  • First Aid Info
  • Calendar
  • FAQs